Symbian device crashing when attempting to send email
Posted by Heather Burkett on 09 December 2010 03:33 PM


When trying to send an email from a Symbian OS device using the native ActiveSync implementation, the device crashes, returns to the main screen, and does not send the message.


Some Symbian devices require an Outbox folder sent to the device in order to send email properly. The folder must match what is defined for the user’s mail server.

A folder must be created for the user that matches what is defined for the Outbox on the NotifyLink server.  1.) An administrator should access the NotifyLink Admin Web console to verify the "Outbox Folder Name."

Select:   Server Administration -> Mail Servers -> Edit Mail Server 

2.) Then select this folder for syncing in the user's Folder settings.

From the Admin Web, select:  User Administration -> select the user -> Edit User Policy -> Folders

OR from the Client Web, select Mailbox Properties -> Folders 

Check the box beside the Outbox folder name (matching the one defined for the mail server) and click Apply Changes.

3.) The user will need to re-register the device so the Outbox is sent to the device properly.