Inbox crashes when attempting to open a message using Native ActveSync on an Android OS device
Posted by Heather Burkett on 11 October 2010 10:39 AM



When using Native ActiveSync on an Android OS device, each time you attempt to open a message the mailbox crashes with the following error.


“The application email process has stopped unexpectedly. “


The only option is to Force Close.





Within NotifyLink in the Admin or Client Web interface, select the Drafts and Sent Items folder to sync to the device and this crash will stop occurring. 


From the Admin Console:


1. Log into the Admin Console and go into Server Administration -> Mail Servers


2. Select the Mail Server this user resides on and select Edit Mail Server


3. Note the Drafts Folder Name and the Sent Items Folder Name


4. Navigate to User Administration -> Select the User -> Edit User Policy -> Folders


5. Select the Drafts and Sent Items folders that were identified in step #3 above and then Apply Changes


From the Client Console:


1. If you are unsure of your Drafts or Sent Items folder names, have your NotifyLink admin confirm using the steps above.


2. If you know the names of your Drafts and Sent Items folder, then log into your Client Web interface.


3. Select Folders


4. Select the Drafts and Sent Items folders from the list and then Apply Changes


Please note that some Collaboration Suites, such as GroupWise, may not have a drafts folder created by default.  A drafts folder would need to be created for the account to resolve this issue.