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Unable to synchronize the Sent Items folder between GroupWise and GO!NotifyLink
Posted by Donna DeEulio on 12 July 2010 11:07 AM



An end user is unable to synchronize the “sent items” folder between GroupWise and GO!NotifyLink and a “sent items.dup1” folder has been created in the folder list.




Verify the problem:


The creation of the “sent items.dup1” folder occurs as a result of not being able to access the sent items folder successfully via IMAP.  To verify that this is the problem, perform a telnet test and attempt to select the “Sent Items” folder for your account.  If the select fails, follow the instructions below to reset the folders.  (For instructions on conducting a telnet test, see KB article 755.






If the telnet test reveals that the “Sent Items” folder cannot be accessed, you must run a repair for the user’s folder structure within GroupWise.  If using GroupWise 7.x, you should be able to do the following:




1.    Put "RESETFOLDERS" (without quotes) in the Support Options on the Misc Tab.  This will re-link the folders.


2.    If "RESETFOLDERS" doesn't work, try "FOLDERRESET" instead. (The ‘Folder Reset’ is an older GWCheck option.)*




*GroupWise versions other than 7.x may require a similar repair, which may be named differently.