Fetch the Internal Date of an email message via the Command Line
Posted by Heather Burkett on 15 March 2010 01:05 PM

When Date and Time are selected in the Notification Format Rules of a user's IT policies (User Administration > select a user > Edit User Policy > Notification Format Rules), the internal date (the time the message arrived on the server) is sent to the device.  Otherwise, the timestamp that appears on the device will be the time it arrived in the device Inbox. 

There is a way to retrieve the internal timestamp if it has not been sent to the device.  Perform the following steps to fetch the internal date:

1. Create a temporary folder to move the problematic messages into. For example: Create a folder named Temp
2. Open a command prompt on the NotifyLink Server
3. Type "telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx PPP" (without quotes, where xxxs.xxx.xxx.xxx is the internal IP address of your mail server and PPP is the port)
4. Type "a login username password" (without quotes, where username and password are the login credentials used by the user for email)
5. Type "a select Temp" (without quotes, this is the name of the folder where the emails that we wish to fetch are residing in)
6. Type "a fetch 1:* (UID INTERNALDATE)
7. This returns a list of the emails that exist within the selected folder along with their internal date timestamp from the mail server