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NotifyMDM Server v3.10.2 & 3.10.3 are now available!
Posted by Tom Walker on 12 September 2016 06:38 PM

We are pleased to announce that NotifyMDM Server 3.10.2 & 3.10.3 are now available!

Use the Update Manager to apply the upgrade patch for v3.10.2 & 3.10.3.

The NotifyMDM Server update includes the following:

Changes/New Features

  • Changed behavior - when a device is set up for the first time, the managed app list now populates immediately.
  • Improvement - removed 1000 result limit from PowerShell get-user command.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where Removing an iOS or Android Wi-Fi Resource assigned to LDAP groups causes dashboard to refresh.
  • Fixed issue where Web enrolled iOS devices show "Unknown" for device name in user profile.
  • Fixed issue where device would report "NOT NOWs" so DEP enrollment completes correctly.
  • Fixed issue when selecting the Save Changes button within System Management->System Administration->Organizations causes numerous fields to disappear or checkboxes to become unchecked.
  • Fixed issue where the MDM app push will fail on DEP device configuration.
  • Fixed issue for Single app mode where app for Android.
  • Fixed issue for Windows devices where security actions will fail to re-send on network errors.
  • Fixed issue where APN (Access Point Name) iOS Corporate Resource incorrectly uses LDAP username instead of global username when new users are added to the LDAP group.
  • Fixed issue where proxy address disappears from the iOS Wi-Fi corporate resource.
  • Fixed issue where commands were getting stuck when saving changes on iOS devices page.
  • Fixed issue where sending notification for iOS does not send the message to the device.
  • Fixed issue where Device Information error on iOS devices having both (GSM and CDMA technologies).