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How to setup SMTP Relaying for NLES
Posted by Account Management Team on 29 October 2009 10:13 AM


If you are having an issue sending email from your device to someone outside of your domain, first complete an SMTP telnet test to see if you have relaying enabled. This can be accomplished by following the steps located in the document located at

If you find that relaying is denied, complete the following steps to enable relaying:

*** You may need to get your GroupWise Administrator to complete these steps ***

1. Enter ConsoleOne

2. Right-Click on the GWIA and select Properties

3. Click on the Access Control Tab

4. From the drop-down go to SMTP Relaying Settings
- By default, the setting selected is for "Prevent Message Relaying"

5. Click on "Create" Exceptions -> Allow

6. Fill in the appropriate data listed below

FROM: (Internal IP address of the server that houses the NLES Messaging Component)

TO: * (which stands for a wild card)