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Migrating Your NotifySync Account to a NotifyMDM Server
Posted by Donna Magada on 29 March 2012 02:12 PM

The instructions that follow are for NotifySync users in organizations that are implementing NotifyMDM. 

What is NotifyMDM

NotifyMDM enables you to keep up-to-date with company security policies and management features, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of wirelessly transmitted corporate information.  NotifyMDM also enables you to access a User Self-Administrative Portal to manage your device, locate a misplaced device, or issue a lock/wipe command if your device is potentially compromised. 

How Do I Access NotifyMDM

Instead of connecting directly to your corporate ActiveSync mail server, you will enroll your device with the NotifyMDM server through which you will access the corporate mail server.  You will accomplish this by making a simple change in your NotifySync Account Settings.

Once your administrator provides you with the address associated with the NotifyMDM server, you should migrate to NotifyMDM as soon as possible.  If you postpone the migration, you will eventually lose access to the corporate server.

Migrate Your Device to the NotifyMDM Server

Give users the attached .PDF documentMigrate to the NotifyMDM server by upgrading your NotifySync software version and making a simple change in your NotifySync Account Settings.

  1. Upgrade your NotifySync for BlackBerry application software to version 4.10.4 (or greater).  (Preferences > Check for Updates)
  2. Open NotifySync and select Preferences > Account Settings.
  3. Edit the Server Address field, entering the address of the NotifyMDM server provided by your administrator.  Make sure the Use HTTPS box is checked.
  4. From the menu, select Save.
  5. At the device ownership prompt, designate whether the device is your Personal device or a Company owned device.
  6. If you are prompted, review and accept the NotifyMDM End User License Agreement.

What to Expect After the Migration to NotifyMDM

  • The amount of Email and Calendar Events on the device may change.  A maximum email age may be set on the server.  If so, it will determine the maximum age of email synchronized to the device.  A maximum calendar age may be set on the server.  If so, it will determine the maximum look-back age of calendar events that sync to the device.
  • New security policies may be enforced by the server.  If the policies were not previously in effect, or policy requirements change, additional actions may be required.  For example,
    • If new or different password requirements are enforced, you may be prompted to create a new password.
    • If device encryption is enforced, you may be prompted to reboot the device.
    • The NotifySync menu will have two new options:  Files and Mobile Apps.  Your administrator may compile and make available a directory of files and/or a list of recommended mobile applications.  If the management policy to which you have been assigned permits, you will have access to these files/apps on your device.
    • The NotifySync Status option will show Last Email/PIM sync time and Last MDM sync time and status.  Your Email and PIM items will still synchronize according to your NotifySync Push Settings.  Information from the Notify MDM server is synchronized according to a schedule set on the server.

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